Laser Induce Breakdown Spectrometer (LIBS)

LaserHigh power, Q-switched, Nd:YAG laser with flat top beam profile 266 nm and 1064 nm wavelength
Energy ControlContinuously variable optical attenuator; integrated laser energy monitoring
Laser ShutterAutomated shutter for laser energy stabilization
Laser Pulse Energy25 mJ and 50 mJ max laser energy @266 nm
50 mJ, 100 mJ, and 200 mJ max laser energy @1064 nm
Laser Spot Size Control10 to 200 microns
Combination of motorized beam expander and aperture imaging
Spot size range dependent on instrument options; customizable spot size range available
Automated X-Y Stage100 mm X 100 mm travel range
0.2 micron resolution
Automated Z Stage35 mm travel range
0.5 micron resolution
Z stage enabled for automatic adjustment of sample height
Ablation Spot TargetingRed laser @670 nm, ASI patented auto-focusing.
Sample ImagingHigh resolution dual CMOS cameras for both high magnification and wide-field viewing; variable optical zoom
Sample Image LightingHigh intensity flood LED, coaxial multi-color reflection, and transmission light
Gas ControlDigital mass flow controller for purge gas
Sample ChamberLIBS chamber with standard sample holding plate Customizable sample holding plate available
Compatible with hepa filter for particle cleaning and collection
LIBS DetectorHP model: Scanning Czerny Turner spectrograph/ICCD detector B model: Echelle spectrograph/ICCD detector
EC model: 4 or 6 channel CCD-based broadband spectrometers with integrated electronic pulse delay generator
Operating System SoftwareAxiom LA system software with intuitive user interface ASI proprietary TruLIBS™ emission database
Clarity data analysis software for quantitative and sample classification analysis