Bioprocess System 

BL 320

Bioprocess System

Why Graduate? – Benefits of Bioreactors

  • Scalable
  • Process optimization
  • Increase efficiency
  • Process automation
  • More robust control
  • Decrease variability

Vessel Specifications

Autoclavable vesselse

Vessel1 L2 L5 L
Total volume1.3 L3.0 L7.5 L
Working volume0.4 – 1.0 L0.8 – 2.2 L2.0 – 5.6 L

Single-use vessels

VesselBioBLU 1c/fBioBLU 3c/fBioBLU 5cBioBLU 5pBioBLU 14c
Total volume1.8 L5 L5 L5 L14 L
Working volume0.25 – 1.25 L1.25 – 3.75 L1.25 – 3.75 L3.75 L3.5 – 10.5 L


  • Extensive working volume range of 400 mL – 40 L on a single control platform
  • High-powered direct and magnetic drive motor as- semblies
  • Up to six integrated pumps capable of operating in variable speed mode
  • The combination of the BioFlo 320 with the BioFlo 720 provides a perfect connection between R&D and pilot/production suites

Ease of Use

  • Autoclavable vessels and our comprehensive port- folio of BioBLU® Single-Use Bioreactors provide process customization
  • Eppendorf exclusive packed-bed and cell-lift impel- ler designs for continuous and perfusion processesAliquam suscipit molestie
  • Thermal mass flow controllers for sparge and over- lay gas can be upgraded in the field
  • Industry standard Ethernet communication for multi-unit control of up to eight systems


  • Compatible with the Thermo Scientific HyPerforma 5:1 Single-Use Bioreactors from 50 L to 2000 L
  • Experience reliable tech transfer from 0.3 L to 2000 L with our controller offering


  • High performance mass flow controllers capable of up to 500:1 turndown ratio allowing multiple vessel sizes to be run from the same controller
  • Analog & Digital sensors (ISM and ARC)
  • Dual sparge, overlay and CO2 stripping
  • Flexible choices for vessels/SUBs